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About Racing Insiders

Our Australian Racing Insiders is a collection of analysts who are from the ‘old school’ of interpreting horse racing data. Methods that many have forgotten or never learned.

With the explosion of quantitative analysis, the intrinsic art of handicapping races has been lost among many. Our analysts have over 75 years combined experience in the game, we are fundamental and situational handicappers. Our performance comes from the fundamentals of handicapping a race (ie: speed maps, times, current form historical patterns recent bad luck, starting price profiles etc). Along with a healthy respect for the situation a horse is racing in today (track conditions, distance, fitness level, barrier, jockey, weight recent form and historical form). It’s all about interpreting this data and finding the spots where the market is drastically over or underrating a horses chance. Essentially we are looking to back a horse that is at a price we believe is above its likely chance to win the race and therefore has (+EV). This is traditionally called backing Value.

With a collaborative team that has daily involvement within the industry on the Eastern side of Australia, you’ll find a strong % of volume in Victorian Racing. We will be providing only our strongest selections which have shown to produce the best profitability, making our offering easy to follow. You can expect approximately 40-50 bets per month depending on what opportunities the market presents us.

The Racing Insiders have been verified by Tip Titans in achieving 11.7% Profit On Turnover across the past 2 years in 700+ positions.

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