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Giving the edge back to the people

Since the beginning of time, it has been Bookmakers vs The People. Whether it be at the track with receipts in hand at Flemington, Australia or on the phone to that private book in the streets of New York… it’s how it’s always been, the Bookmakers vs the People – one wins, one loses. And we all know how that usually plays out.


The odds are stacked against you

As long-time sports investment professionals, we’ve come to understand how the average bettor is not aware exactly how much the odds are stacked against them. Anybody can win on a given game, day or week – this is what keeps the customers coming back. But betting without an edge is a death sentence over the long-term. Bookmakers report billion-dollar profits around the globe, year on year, as they dominate the industry which is made up of 99% recreational players.


The 1% turning the tables

It takes a specialist set of skills to overcome bookmaker margins and generate positive long-term returns, it’s infamously rare – a skill that only the very best in the world can sustain. Whether it’s through life-long specialised experience, advanced modelling, or critically developed methodology, it’s the rare few who beat the house time and time again.


Introducing the Titans

The Titans are this rare few, brought together to give bettors around the world access to the best of the best in all in one place. Each professional has passed the world’s most rigorous vetting process required to be certified a Titan. This ensures they are the smartest, analytical minds across the world’s greatest games with proven track records of finding the edge and beating the bookies.


Don’t just bet, invest

Each of our Titans follows a tried and tested system that has nothing to do with luck. When a Tip Titan sends through a pick and you place the wager you are not gambling or punting at that moment. You are leveraging advanced data and sound situational analysis to make an informed decision on a market, you are betting with an edge. You are investing.


We are Tip Titans

The information a Titan uses to find their edge is not something you can google or get for free. It is a full-time job, the culmination of hours of data analysis and years of experience needed to arrive at a selection. We harness this rare talent. We are banned by the bookies. We give the edge back to the people.