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We focus our selections on jurisdictions where there are minimum bet laws in place to ensure everyone is able to get a decent bet on. There are a huge number of meetings across Australia each week so there is never a shortage of races to analyse and action to deliver to our members. We have achieved a Profit On Turnover of 28% over a strong sample size of just over 2000 tips. From these strong POT number to the edge created on races… profiting with us is an eventuality. As the code of greyhound racing gathers more support and interest, we stay ahead of the game by continuously validating and evolving the methods we use to create these probabilities and outcomes – all this means is we win, and stay winning, long-term.


Get used to smashing closing lines with us, it begins as an important metric to judge our skills upon but quickly becomes an afterthought. It’s time to stop betting on greyhounds and start investing in them. Our mission is to transform greyhounds from man’s best friend to man’s best money-maker. Recruit The Greys Group to your team now and start investing on greyhounds like a pro.

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Follow 3 simple steps to go from betting to investing.

Build your team

You are the Team Manager of your Investment Portfolio. Recruit one Titan or assemble a team based on the sports you love & returns they achieve. Betting on sport just became even more fun, because you’re winning.

Follow Formula

Follow the formula

You decide how much you want to invest in your betting bankroll – could be ten dollars, could be ten thousand, we manage your bankroll like our own. Every tip comes with a recommended percentage to place for you. Our universal platform staking system manages risk, while maximising returns – you’re now betting like a Pro.

Make tax-free cash

Unlike playing the stock market, returns you make from sports investments are completely Tax Free. Plus, investing in sports with our Tip Titans has proven to significantly outperform the stock market over the long-term.

Recruit one Titan or build a team

Start leveraging the brightest analytical minds in the game for less than fifty bucks a week. Each Tip Titan dedicates their working life to bringing you very best analysis each week. Follow one Titan or build a whole team!

1 Titan
$49 / week
3 Titans
$99 / week
5 Titans
$149 / week


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  • Insightful Event Analysis
  • Refined Staking Advice
  • Blockchain Certified Performance
  • Dedicated Trader Support


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