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Episode 3 – We sat down with Tennis Titan Fergal Brickley to get an understanding of what it takes to bet tennis markets professionally.

SPOILER ALERT: this guy watches 12 hours of tennis a day for 11 months of the year so that gives you a bit of an insight as to what it takes to make it in this sport

Fergal talks about what it takes for players to be successful on different surfaces and also gives some great advice for those looking to take their betting to the next level


Time Stamps
0:42 – What drew Fergal to the sport of tennis?
2:30 – How playing the game contributed to learning how to bet on it
3:28 – How Fergal knew he had an edge in tennis markets
4:25 – Favourite sporting moment of all time
5:05 – Favourite tennis major tournament
5:37 – How Fergal’s process betting processes have evolved since he started
7:45 – What changes Fergal has seen occur in the bookmaking landscape
9:05 – Some advice for beating bookmaker restrictions
11:45 – Fergal’s passion for the game of sports betting
13:03 – Fergal defines his edge on the market
16:15 – The cornerstone for any sports betting strategy
19:28 – What Fergal looks for when betting live/after a game has started
21:40 – How Fergal’s processes change between tour and major events
23:20 – Dealing with downswings

11 Jul 2023