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EPISODE 2 – The TT pod is back for another episode and this week we were joined by MMA specialist Manu del Hoyo Sanz all the way from Spain.

We chat about how Manu came to be an MMA fanatic and when he realised he had an edge over the MMA sports betting markets.

Manu also breaks down how he approaches the analysis of a fight and has a few words to say about MMA Twitter


1.34 – What drew Manu to the UFC
3.30 – How Manu got his edge over the market
5.18 – Manu defines his edge in the UFC betting
10.55 – How Manu reflects on his analysis post fight
12.25 – What does a normal week look like in the life of pro MMA bettor
14.50 – How betting on the UFC has changed since Manu started
19.23 – 20.40 – What is the starting point for analysing a fight and how to price up a fight (social cut)
21.55 – Betting into leagues outside the UFC
23.38 – 24.12 MMA Twitter (social cut)
24.30 – Advice on how to find a legitimate pro in the MMA betting space
26.34 – How to take your MMA betting to the next level

19 Apr 2023