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EPISODE 1 – Joel Williams and Chris Borg sat down to discuss the current wagering landscape facing punters, from bonus bets and promotions to having betting accounts shutdown and strategies for keeping them open for longer.

They offer plenty of advice for punters looking to follow a tipping service for the first time and also for those people looking to take their sports betting to the next level with the goal of becoming professional punter.

And a warning (!) – there is a particular mentality required to be successful in this game and if you don’t posses the qualities the boys discuss on the pod, you likely won’t be able to stick around for long!



3.20 – Why do Joel and Chris offer their tips to the public
5.50 – What changes have the boys seen across the bookmaking landscape since they started betting
10.45 – Why bookmakers ban and restrict certain bettors
13.05 – What to look out for before your betting accounts get banned
15.45 – What happened when Chris lost his first betting account
19.18 – Tactics for keeping your betting accounts open for longer
24.30 – Promotions and bonus bets. Good or bad for the industry?
28.55 – Advice for bettors looking to follow a professional service
34.50 – Long term mentality required to successfully follow a tipping service
38.35 – ‘if you’re tips are so good, why would you sell them’
44.05 – How Joel and Chris get their edge on the market
53.10 – How Joel and Chris maintain their edge
58.50 – Tips for starting out as a professional bettor
1.02.30 – Set yourself up for success before joining a Pro service

19 Apr 2023