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Verifiable Performance

Each Titan is here because of their proven, long-term record in their specialist sport. We’ve verified a minimum 2 years or 1000 picks. Tip Titans’ tracks picks pre-platform acceptance, monitoring effective staking and performance. Winning over the short term means nothing, verifying over a strong sample size is pivotal.


Methodology Approval

It is Methodology that underpins long-term performance. Whether it be through data, modelling or specialised expertise, we verify that the methodology behind the service is sound and sustainable. Titans then adopt our confidence level methodology to the Member on Tip Titans.


Character & Pick Pledge

We take our responsibility to people very seriously – the values behind the professional service matter. We conduct interviews & character checks. Our Pick Pledge ensures our members the greatest care with each and every Tip Titan.

LineBreaker Analytics

NRL Specialists

Welcome to LineBreaker Analytics, a team of skilled data scientists that have built the sports’ premier NRL Betting Model. With LineBreaker Analytics you’re not just getting tips, you’re getting insights derived from a proprietary model that factors in every detail of the game, from players to team strategies, and even minute by minute situational changes. Our model adapts in real-time, ensuring our advice stays relevant and ahead of the curve. We pair our proprietary betting model with a deep individual knowledge of the game itself, marrying traditional soft skills and insights with cutting-edge technology. The deep-seated understanding of the sport, coupled with a data-driven approach, enables our team to find winning angles week in, week out. In betting NRL profitably, the significance of the one-percenters cannot be understated. Those seemingly minor details that can tip the scales in favour of a win are critical and why real-time adjustments are pivotal to success. These form the bedrock of our strategy, giving us an edge that keeps us winning. We operate swiftly, decisively, and with a singular goal - to find value in universal match lines, totals and try scorers, ensuring us and now our followers win long-term.


Oli Cownie

Harness Racing Specialist

I started out my working life in an office job dealing with various compliance and governance matters within ASX companies. While it was a totally different field to where I am now, I think this really helped me gain a greater attention for detail and having stringent, rigid processes in place to ensure a high quality of work, things that are vital when analysing form and markets. Like a lot of racing enthusiasts my interest in racing began following the thoroughbreds. I saw them quite well and was a good enough form analyst but my discipline let me down through the early years as I tried to be an expert in anything and everything racing across the country. I then decided to turn my attention to the Standardbreds (harness racing). I started doing a bit of form, had a couple of nice wins early and I thought how good is this. From then on in, I was completely hooked! I'm someone that's all in, or not in at all. I spent nearly a year and a half listening to every educational podcast there was, firing questions off at anyone that would respond. Analysing races until my eyes nearly turned square. Falling in love with the sport, I really had this deep desire to be successful punting on Queensland harness racing. My journey in the racing game really took off the moment I began speaking to pros that had been doing it for much longer than I had, I was able to learn from mistakes and consolidate strengths much faster than I had before through trial and error. Tip Titans Certification: Oli Cownie has a verified sample size of over 1500 picks. Oli has achieved over 12% Profit On Turnover in 2023 alone.


Joel Williams

AFL & NBA Specialist

My team and I gain our edge from astute knowledge, data analysis, and situational expertise when giving AFL betting advice. Everybody has data in sports; we know how to interpret it and understand changes within teams, players, and organizations in real-time before the market does. We line up all our own games, and our long-term performance proves that we price markets more accurately than bookmakers, which opens betting opportunities for us. When we send early picks, you will see them often beat Closing Line, and we've consistently beaten the market even in pre-game betting before the bounce. We promise long-term profitability that exceeds any other investment class over time.


Chris Colaneri

AFL Specialist

I have been betting at a professional level for the past 20 years and this has led to me being loved by punters and feared by bookies across the country. I have a deep-seated love of the game of football which spans back to my playing days as a teenager and young adult. A combination of this along with a finance and data analytics background is what allows me make consistent returns on the sport and be respected as one of the best AFL judges in the betting community. One of the main drivers for joining Tip Titans was my desire to not only help both recreational and pro punters make money but also educate them along the way. My game ratings have consistently outperformed the market and I'm looking forward to giving public access to these ratings for the first time. I use a combination of a player / raw data model along with meticulous tape review to offer one of the most detailed and high performing services available on the market. My service performed at 13.9% POT last year and has averaged 16.5% POT over the last three years. I strive to improve my service numbers each year and this season will be no different In my spare time I enjoy golf, poker, fine dining and red wine and spending any time not crunching numbers with family & friends. I'm looking forward to being a part of your team at Tip Titans.


Fergal Brickley

ATP & WTA Tennis Specialist

I am a full-time investor in Tennis. My edge comes from holistic analysis, understanding the technical side of tennis. Bookmakers’ algorithms are based around data - but on niche surfaces such as clay and grass, this data isn’t perfect. Matchups matter, how one player's style matches up against their opponents, and how effective these styles are on each surface. Watching the tour all season long gives me an edge, players are not robotic, a player’s motivation or physical state allows me to find situational spots where players are over/undervalued during the season. Tennis is a highly complex sport which makes betting on it successfully extremely difficult for novice bettors. Injuries, chokes and momentum swings can turn matches, so managing and diversifying risk is very important.


Christopher Borg

Greyhounds Specialist

I have been betting professionally on greyhounds for over 15 years. My background is in Engineering with a love for mathematics, especially statistics. I have built my own models that help me accurately calculate the probability of each outcome for each race much quicker than traditional methods, this has allowed me to win consistently over a long period of time. I only bet when the odds the bookmaker offer exceed its true probability of the event occurring. I initially picked greyhound racing, as it's one of the most data orientated forms of racing or sports, I solve it using pure data and advanced mathematical models. There are over 800 races a week for me to analyse and find the best spots to take a position in the market. I have run consistently over the long term at above 21% POT for best bookmaker odds, and over 10% POT for 5th best bookmakers odds, making it easy for everybody to generate strong returns with me. Tip Titan Certification: Christopher Borg has a verified sample size of over 3000 picks, achieving over 20% Profit On Turnover and over 700% Return On Investment/Bankroll in 4 years.


Manu del Hoyo Sanz (MagicM)

MMA Specialist

Manu has been involved in MMA for over 15 years, before it became mainstream, and has been dishing out excellent MMA betting advice for more than ten years. Like many, our UFC betting experts began delving into the sport out of curiosity and soon caught the MMA bug. Manu has been an MMA consultant for hundreds of people, making deep connections in MMA and MMA betting. UFC betting analysis is essential for making the best UFC bets.


The Greys Group

Greyhound Specialists

The Greys Group came together as a result of each member having a strong interest in greyhound betting for the better part of the last two decades. Being able to use a variety of analytical methods to arrive at our selections is what drew us to the sport in the first place. We create accurate models for greyhound races all around the country. Factors such as race data, intangible data and video data help us build an intimate profile of each greyhound we bet on.


Elias “Falou Tips” Elfakir

Tennis Specialist

Elias founds his tennis betting advice on his vision of matches and specialised sport expertise. His depth of understanding allows him to have an edge on the market. As a tennis analyst, Elias knows how to spot good value. He gathers potential pre-match info on players, and analyses the odds on the different ATP and WTA tournaments to ensure he always gets good results. He is already well known in the tennis betting scene on Twitter as FalouTips, with more than 20,000 followers. Elias provides a premium analysis on tennis, and his most crucial tennis betting advice is to manage your bankroll well. He believes that by having total control of your bankroll and increased knowledge of the market, you can become a winning bettor in the long run. His premium tennis analyst advice will help you place more well-informed bets, giving you better odds.


Quarterstack NFL

NFL Specialists

We believe that betting should be more than a game of chance. It's a game of strategy, data, and the smallest of margins. Our experienced team of sports analysts and data scientists have developed a proprietary NFL Model, built on a strong foundation of cutting-edge data analysis. The Quarterstack NFL service utilises an advanced predictive model that has been refined and perfected over time. A combination of intricate statistical analysis and intensive game simulations are used to deliver bet tips that are both reliable and profitable. Each tip we provide is the result of hundreds of hours of analysis and modeling by our dedicated team. Sign up today and experience the difference of data-driven betting.


Matt Heuermann

With experience spanning over 7 years in NFL and College Football betting, I bring a unique and contrarian approach to the table. My strength lies in my comprehensive understanding of the players, as well as the coaches who mold them. This qualitative advantage wouldn't be effective without my ability to quantify it and integrate it into an accurate price assessment. This distinct method has enabled me to succeed in what's widely regarded as one of the most challenging sports betting markets globally.  I firmly believe that every profitable investment strategy is rooted in data analysis. My approach follows suit, heavily relying on data. Employing facets of machine learning to interpret this data has laid a strong foundation, allowing me to harness my qualitative insights effectively. 


Harout Massoyan

WTA Specialist

My biggest advantage and strongest edge is that I know how to be honest with myself and not use cognitive bias to rate my decisions or outcomes. Having the experience of betting prior to originating women's tennis was important to my success. Most traders/bettors are not that strong at originating, and vice versa. To have the experience in both, is definitely an advantage. If I could offer one piece of advice to someone who was interested in signing up to my service it would be to make sure that you are investing into the plays with the correct approach. Regardless how good the quality of the plays are that you are betting, that can all be irrelevant without correct bankroll management. Tip Titans offers plenty of advice for effective Bankroll Management so if you are unsure about anything whatsoever, just reach out!


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